Shnuggle – Baby Bath with Bum Bump Support


Beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top
Baby Bath Tub is suitable from birth up to 12 months
Integrated Bum Bump for support and hands-free bathing

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Colour:Shnuggle Bath Blue

Product Description

The Shnuggle bath makes baby bath times easier and safer. The beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top is perfectly shaped for your baby from birth (Stage 1) right up to 12 months (Stage 2)

The bathtub features an integrated Bum Bump which helps to beef up your baby even as they recline in the early months, giving you both hands free to wash and play with baby. When baby starts to take a seat forward (Stage 2), the Bum Bump gives beef up and confidence making bath time more.

The large foam backrest is soft and warm to touch, making bath time more comfortable and when used with bath water at the ideal temperature of 37°c, your baby can enjoy a longer bath without getting cold.

The small size makes it ideal to use in the Bath, Shower, Kitchen Sink or on the floor and as it is lightweight to easily carry when filled with water.

There are rubber feet on the base for safety and the bath is fully compliant with all applicable safety regulations. Designed in the UK and winner of the International Red Dot Design Award

Manufacturer’s Description

The perfect shape to bath your little one

The patented Shnuggle bath supports and protects your baby the usage of our Bum Bump and large foam backrest. From newborn (Stage one) simply use one hand to beef up babies head until they may be able to hold it up by themselves, after which you’ll be able to bath baby hands-free.

Helps baby start to sit

As your baby grows, the Shnuggle bath grows with them, offering a protected and supportive place to develop essential sitting skills. And the unique shape of the bath means when they are sitting, there is room to splash and play too!


The compact shape means the Shnuggle bath can be used anywhere around the home; in the kitchen sink, the shower; the famliy bathtub or even in the nursery.


The large foam backrest is warm against babies skin, which helps make baby comfortable and happy at bathtime and reduces the chance of tears.


The clever non-slip rubber feet ensure the Shnuggle bath stays still, whatever surface it’s used on.

Perfect for all babies

The shnuggle bath is perfect for all babies to beef up them all through their development, but it is particuarly helpful for babies with reduced mobility, low body tone or other additional needs as the beef up helps for longer and helps baby to develop core muscles for sitting in a protected and fun environment.

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Makes Bathtime Safer

How did you get a hold of the idea for this product?

After bathing our own three children, we realised that none of the baths readily available helped with bathtime. There was traditional large flat bath where the baby flops around like a fish or there are new “bucket” style baths which are more compact but give very little room to wash them. So the idea for the ergonomic and supportive Shnuggle bath was born!

What makes your product special?

Our unique and patented shape puts baby in the optimum position, giving beef up all through the early months (Stage 1) and then encourages sitting and playing when baby is ready (stage 2). The foam back rest is warm against babies skin and the compact shape means it can be used anywhere around the home.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Running our own business has given us the creative freedom to make better baby products that we as parents want to use and it also means that we have more time to spend with our own growing family.

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Beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top
Baby Bath Tub is suitable from birth up to 12 months
Integrated Bum Bump for beef up and hands-free bathing
Large, warm foam backrest & grippy non-slip feet
Use in the Bath, Shower, Kitchen Sink or on the floor

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