From the very first moment I made the decision that the time was now right to try for pregnancy, I suddenly realized that there were so many things I needed to learn. To start with, the vitamins contained in foods and how to stay healthy sprung to mind… but I never imagined that it would be so difficult to get to grips with.

I thought, as no doubt many before me have, that “It can’t be that hard” so I didn’t really take much time to read all the available information when I started trying to get pregnant. So, we tried and tried and tried, but nothing went as we expected. At one point it seemed that I would never get pregnant. However, the longer it went on, the more I wanted a baby!

Eventually, I finally decided to settle down and began researching online. Naturally, I came across a lot of sites that offered information that I already knew, which of course didn’t help. I found books which promised, even guaranteed me to get pregnant by following its teachings – and I admit, I even bought a couple – and yes, you guessed it, the books didn’t help at all and I couldn’t even get my money back!

Whatever we tried, things just weren’t working as we wanted them to. It didn’t help of course, when our friends were seemingly popping out babies with ease, leaving us feeling depressed and resigned to just being aunts and uncles for the rest of our lives, without children of our own.

One day, one of my best friends suggested I try the “The Getting Pregnant Plan”. Back then, she had no plans of getting pregnant herself, she just happened to have reviewed the e-book. She thought it was the perfect book for me, packed with information that would help me to get pregnant fast and stay healthy. She told me it even included information on fertility treatments in case I needed them. She spoke so passionately about the e-book and I had run out of new ideas to try, so I decided to try one last “fad” and went online to buy a copy.

The first time I opened it up, I was instantly surprised as to how in depth and detailed it was. The other e-books I had (mistakenly) bought before were not this long, instead just a fraction of the length that “The Getting Pregnant Plan” is. Full of newfound excitement and purpose, I told my husband that I had a new book and I remember how he sat down with me and read the whole section in the book that is “just for Dad’s” and what they can do to help as well. It didn’t take long time until I figured out (for the very first time) that how a man eats and what he does during the day also affected my ability to fall pregnant!

On that very day we both changed our diets, began exercising, starting taking the necessary vitamins and made some lifestyle changes, all in exactly the way the book recommends, the results were unbelievable! I got pregnant within a couple of months….. Finally we had achieved what we had begun to think was impossible, I was pregnant and we now have a beautiful little girl.

Generally speaking, i am the last person that would ever promote an e-book or speak so passionately about anything that I have read online, but now if any of my friends mention that they are trying to get pregnant, I can’t recommend this e-book to them quick enough.

There are countless couples out there who, like we were, are dreaming of starting their family by bringing a cute, healthy baby into the world but who are unable to, try as they might, jump the very first hurdle and fall pregnant. If this sounds like you, or you know someone in this situation, please take a look at “The Getting Pregnant Plan”.

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