Mums’ picks 2018: best travel systems

Mums have voted in their thousands to tell you the best baby and toddler products of 2018.

All-in-one travel systems, where you can transport your baby in her car seat or carrycot onto a pushchair chassis, are ideal when you’re out and about with a young baby. Plus you can tick off some major purchases in one go. Discover what travel systems parents recommend in 2018.Image of Mums' picks 2018 best travel system runner up iCandy Peach

5. iCandy Peach

Why mums love it

The iCandy Peach can be bought as a single pushchair, or a double pushchair if you already have a toddler or are expecting twins. The Peach promises an ultra-smooth ride on all terrains. This travel system has unique elevator adapters to move your baby closer to you, making it easier for you to interact with her.

Price: from £780.00

What mums say…

“Perfect for long walks, very comfortable for baby and has a big basket.”

“Very easy to push and brilliant as a double – not too large but still has basket and seat space.”Image of Mums' picks 2018 best travel system runner up Cosatto Giggle 2

4. Cosatto Giggle 2

Why mums love it

The Cosatto Giggle 2 is a travel system that allows personality to shine through. In a range of bright patterns and styles, the travel system is lightweight and even includes a kit with a rain cover and hood, making sure your baby is cosy in any weather. This stylish design also includes easy-release buttons allowing transititions that won’t wake baby up.

Price: from £499.95

What mums say…

“I love the pattern. It’s so easy to push and is very lightweight. Easy to swap from carrycot to seat.”

“Easy to handle, looks great.”Image of Mums' picks 2018 best travel system runner up Graco Evo

3. Graco Evo

Why mums love it

The Graco Evo travel system offers a design that makes both you and your baby comfortable, with a fully reversible seat that can be adjusted as baby gets older and foam covered handle and simple one hand folding. The travel system has a one step connect feature, making it easy to use as a pushchair, carrycot and car seat.

Price: from £419.99 for 2017 model. Older models available from £199

What mums say…

“I love our pram. We chose it as it’s really light, I live upstairs with no lift and regularly carry it up and down. It’s now serving our second child so very durable.”

“One handed folding, brilliant manoeuvring, looks stylish.”Image of Mums' picks 2018 best pushchair travel system Bugaboo Cameleon<sup>3</sup>

2. Bugaboo Cameleon3

Why mums love it

The Cameleon3 is available in a range of attractive colours and textures and suitable from birth until your child is about three years old. It features a set of large and small tough, foam-filled tyres. You can switch the larger tyres from the back to the front to help you tackle tough terrains.

Price: from £949.00

What mums say…

“So light to steer, intuitive functionality, beautiful design, very reliable.”

“Good for off-roading in the park. Looks smart. Easy to fold up (now that I’ve practised a few times!). Fits in the boot of my Fiesta! It’s a good size as I’m quite short.”Image of Mums' picks 2017 best travel system winner UPPAbaby VISTA

1. UPPAbaby Vista

Why it’s a winner

Available in nine colours, the VISTA makes travelling in style seem effortless. The travel system features shock-absorbing front and rear suspension, which helps it to provide a comfortable ride on any terrain. The travel system can be easily extended for twins, or if you already have a toddler.

Price: from £849.99

What mums say…

“So easy to use. This pram just glides along! We are currently reusing it for a new baby, so it’s been going strong since 2014. Basket space is huge which means I don’t have to fiddle about with trolleys in the supermarket unless I’m getting a ‘big’ shop!”

“Great system. I love it. It has excellent storage and is easy to use. It pushes everywhere I need to get, even off road.”